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Studying in a foreign university can turn into one of the best educational experiences for a student. Students have an opportunity to study in a foreign country and take in the culture of a new land while gaining international exposure. They get all the time to explore the new culture, visit historical places, meet new people, attain knowledge from internationally recognized faculties and work with some of the most renowned organizations in the world.

DBSoM has signed MOUs with internationally and globally recognized universities such as Nagasaki Wesleyan University (Japan), FOM University (Germany), Rome Business School (Italy), Texila American University (Guyana), Bangalore University (India) and Accelerated Flight Training Center (USA).


Advantages of Studying in Foreign Universities

  • Studying in a foreign university will help broaden your perspective of the world and your place in it.
  • Your connections get global and may even lead you to new professional opportunities in the future.
  • You get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to have new experiences.
  • Every country has its own unique style of teaching and you can expand your academic horizon. You can also enhance your capacity to adapt to various educational settings.
  • With a degree from a foreign university, you can launch your career by showing your employers that you can easily adapt to different environments.
  • By putting yourself into a different culture, you tend to develop valuable skills needed for personal growth.
  • You will cultivate strong leadership and management skills.
FOM University

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Rome Business School

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