Due to the current Covid-19 situation, DBSOM has resumed work partially. We will become fully operational as per the instructions & guidelines of the regulatory authorities. However, we can be reached at the following numbers in case of any query. 9148181505 , 9449307007.


The Voice Of Our Future Leaders

As we usher in the new age of technology, we must keep updating ourselves constantly. Big data is the future. The more you know about it the better. DBSOM offers the best course in regards to Big Data. This has been the primary factor of choosing DBSOM over other institutes.

Soniya - Student, M.Sc in Big Data & Business Analytics

Big Data is the new age oil. Every big company worldwide is in need of the best business solutions and nothing does it better than Big Data. Hence, there is a sudden influx of aspirants looking to make a career in this rapidly growing field of knowledge and skill. DBSOM is well-equipped to educate and train you perfectly on Big Data and Business Analytics.

Sonam - Student, M.Sc in Big Data & Business Analytics

I had several options but I chose DBSOM over other institutes because of the diverse curriculum it offers. Also, I am surrounded by people of great calibre, be it the faculty or my peers, who will help me evolve.

Abhijeet - Student, M.Sc in Big Data & Business Analytics

DBSOM is the perfect platform for international exposure. The quality of education is sure to make a difference in my aspirations for a great career. I have made the right decision to have opted for DBSOM.

Bhavika - Student, M.Sc in Big Data & Business Analytics

Big Data is a fast growing field of expertise. The demand for skilled professionals is high but the supply very low. Thus, if you are thorough with the knowledge on Big Data you are bound to touch the pinnacle of success. As per my experience, DBSOM is the right institute for anyone looking to make a great career in the field of Big Data.

Nilesh Bisane - Student, M.Sc in Big Data & Business Analytics