Pilot Training – IN USA

Pilot Training


  • Joining formalities in Bangalore, India
  • Pilot training in California, U.S.A

About Accelerated Flight Training Center - AFT

As aviation professionals for over 30 years, AFT is confident in their accelerated flight training curriculum to expedite your pilot training needs. AFT combines top training concepts from industry leaders such as Gleim and Jeppesen plus their own customization to create FAA Part 141 approved syllabus which ensures you have all of the right tools to your disposal to succeed in your accelerated flight training from the very start. As a school, AFT is professional and seasoned pilot training professionals with a big family atmosphere.

Safety, proficiency, and professionalism is their goal and what they strive to achieve rating after rating. As a part 141 flight school, they are industry experts who understand accelerated flight training and more importantly, they understand you - the students!

Learn To Fly Aircraft From Us

Don Bosco School of Management (DBSOM) based in India is in partnership with Accelerated Flight Training (AFT) center, based in Chinos, California, U.S.A. This professional pilot course from DBSOM is a flexible course that takes a student from Zero experience to the Multi-engine commercial pilot rank. The objective of this course is for the candidates to receive a strong foundation in an organized structured program. The program is based on actual airline style training having the student conduct all their training in advanced glass cockpit aircraft and simulators.

Modern technology has provided the means to achieve this dream of flying an aircraft which has been an exceptional privilege to a select few. Now, a new opportunity to be trained in pilot training, at an affordable cost, has been created to open the skies to candidates with the will and the discipline to pursue their dreams in the commercial airline profession.

Your wings already exist, all you have to do is now to FLY

- Liz Dennery Sanders

About the Program

Private Pilot License

In your primary training stage, you'll learn the fundamentals of flight before moving on to cross-country and accomplishing your first solo.

Instrument Rating

During this stage, students conduct flights under simulated instrument conditions and learn IFR procedures such as approaches, arrival and departure procedures, and emergency operations.

Crew-style cross-country

Here you will be paired with a fellow pilot and fly as pilot-in-command to a variety of destinations near and far, dictated by operational needs. This crew-style flying requires a level of currency, proficiency, and standardization that defines AFT's excellence in flight training.

Multi-Engine Rating

Most airlines in India recruit pilots, who have an endorsement of Multi-engine rating on their license. FAA specifies a minimum of 10 hours of training on a Multi-engine aircraft. At AFT Center we use Piper Seneca (PA 34-200) for multi-engine endorsement. Piper Seneca (PA 34-200) is the most common multi-engine used in India hence we suggest Piper Seneca (PA 34-200) as a multi-engine endorsement.

DGCA Conversion

After completing training from AFT center and returning to India, students will undergo DGCA conversion Ground lesson for 2 Months. After which student will write DGCA conversion exams held in DGCA centers in Online mode with Multiple Choice question based. After clearing exams, A Pilot Training Academy will assist to compile all documents for submission to DGCA for conversion of License. After submitting to DGCA for conversion it will take around one Month for conversion and issuance of Indian Commercial Pilot license with Single and Multi-Engine endorsed on the license.

AFT Center

Accelerated Flight Training Center (AFT Center) uses the No.1 in the world Jeppesen computer based training (CBT) training software, which is used by most of the top flying schools only. All ground lessons are using Jeppesen books and videos.

We don’t just teach you the questions-we teach you to need to know. We will not only teach you-we to teach you right. All instructions are certified by the FAA. When you graduate from our classes you will have a thorough knowledge of the material and prepare you for the FAA written exam.

Over the years, Accelerated Flight Training Center (AFT Center) has welcomed many students from all over India, China Korea, Nepal, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Central (non-Mexico) and South America and the Middle East. Some earn FAA licenses and ratings for pleasure and business flying and others train with us to prepare for a flying career. We have the vision to expand to other countries to accept students in our Flight school.

Benefit for an International student at AFT is that we are SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) approved flight school. We will help you interpret U.S citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) regulations and will assist visa holders with travel signatures, new i-20’s, social security, visa extensions, international student orientation, as well as other immigration matters. We provide all assistance for securing US visa.

We are a SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) approved flight school. We will help you:

  • Interpret (USCIS) U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations
  • Assist visa holders on any other immigration matters.


  • You will be monitored and trained under professional and experienced instructors in California.
  • Individual attention will be provided which will help the students to move at their own pace.
  • The instructors are the enthusiast who loves to teach students to fly individual aircraft.


  • The No. 1 License worldwide
  • License valid for a lifetime
  • Respected and validated around the world as ICAO Pilot Licenses
  • Most powerful and reputed license in the world
  • Exams application is online, the system of licensing is so simple and systematic, no waste of time and paperwork

Program Structure

Admissions open for the present year

Program Pattern

Total Hours: 100

  • Ground School Theory - PPL
  • Cessna 152 (Dual)
  • Cessna 152 (Solo)
  • Pre and Post Flight Briefings

Total Hours: 150

  • Ground School Theory - IR
  • Cessna 152 (Pic)
  • Redbird FMX Simulator (Dual)
  • Cessna 172S, G 1000 (Dual)
  • Pre and Post Flight Briefing

Total Hours: 120

  • Ground School Theory(Commercial + Multi)
  • Cessna 152 (Pic) time building
  • Piper Seneca PA - 34 (Dual)
  • Redbird FMX Simulator (Dual)
  • Redbird FMX Simulator (Solo)
  • Integrated Clinical Medicine-I
  • Pre and Post Flight Briefings

Total Hours: 250

  • CESSNA 152
  • CESSNA 172 (G 1000)
  • Piper Seneca (PA 34)
Aircraft and Simulators

Program Eligibility

  • 10 + 2 - English language (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), minimum of 50% scored

Documents required:

  • 10th & 12th marks cards
  • Government ID card, example (AADHAAR, Voter ID)
  • Passport copy (self attested)
  • Passport size photo (6x)



JOIN AIRLINE (Junior First Officer) Salary: 1.5 to 2 Lakhs INR per month

FIRST OFFICER / Co-Pilot Salary: 2 to 3 Lakhs INR per month

SENIOR FIRST OFFICER Salary: 3.5 Lakhs INR per month

CAPTAIN / COMMANDER Salary: 5 to 10 Lakhs INR per month

Facilities and Support


  • Pick-up from Airport to Facility
  • Daily shuttle from accommodation to the facility
  • The drop-off from facility to Airport


  • RATE: APPROX. USD 850 per month
  • For 8 to 10 months, students will live in a deluxe apartment located nearby the flying base. On the Sharing basis, each room is equipped with AC, cable TV, Internet, etc. In spare time, a student can enjoy facilities like swimming pool, gym, sports court, etc.