1 st Year in India and 2 nd Year in Japan along with Certification in Japanese Language & Potential to earn JPY 12-15 Lacs per annum in Japan during your study period.

About the Bangalore University

The Bangalore University is one of the oldest in India, dating back to 1886. The university is a part of The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and nears the status of “potential for excellence” which is reserved for the top 10 universities in India under the guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC). Since its start university is engaged in offering postgraduate course and conduct research programs through different departments and facilities. DBSOM is a reputed institution offering courses of Bangalore University.

About the Program

The one year Post Graduate Program in Management in India is the flagship program of Bangalore University and offers a multiple learning opportunity with specializations (Marketing, Human Resource and Small Business & Entrepreneurship Management) that covers a broad ground with case studies and multiple projects. A rigorous and challenging courses, fine-tuned to meet the current trends and future needs of the Industry, It is specially designed to give the student a holistic experience that goes beyond academics to benefit the student personally and professionally.

The teaching methodology is a blend of theory and interactive sessions, industrial visits, projects and presentations.

Program Structure (PGDM)

Beginning of Academics Session: 22 July 2019
Core Subjects (Semester I)
  • Management Process
  • Organizational Behaviour and Development
  • Business Ethics’ / Human Values
  • Organizational Communication

Specialization Subjects in Marketing Management (Semester II)

  • Marketing Management
  • Advertising & Brand Management
  • Marketing of Services
  • International Marketing

Specialization Subjects in Human Resources Management(Semester II)

  • International Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Culture, Change & Development
  • Employee Relations Management
  • Labour Legislation

Specialization Subjects in Small Business and Entrepreneurship Management (Semester II)

  • Small Business Environment and Management
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Financing of Small Business
  • Entrepreneurial Development and New Enterprise Management

About the University


At Nagasaki Wesleyan University, we see our mission as fostering the development of global citizens who will link local communities and the world.To that end, our programs emphasize not only the study of knowledge and technology related to social welfare and Management, but also hands-on experience in the real world. Among other advantages, this approach provides an opportunity to master a broad array of communication skills, including proficiency in English and other languages.
Nagasaki Wesleyan University is a fourteen-year university established by ChinzeiGakuin, which was founded in 1881. The University is accredited by the Japan Institution for Higher Education Evaluation (JIHEE), a Japanese accreditation organization.

Founding spirit and educational philosophy

Brotherly love: The goal of educating people to make peace
Nagasaki Wesleyan University opened in 2002 in commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the founding of ChinzeiGakuin in response to the strong wishes of—and with the robust support of—sister schools worldwide as well as its local community. The University’s parent organization, ChinzeiGakuin, has long pursued the goal of educating students to love God and their fellow man in keeping with the two primary tenets of Christianity. We further developed that school motto for use in a university setting, adopting the cultivation of brotherly love, characterized by love of God and one’s fellow man, as NWU’s educational mission.

Shared values (the Wesleyan philosophy)

The term Wesleyan refers to a follower of the teachings of 18th century English cleric and social activist John Wesley, whose World Mission gave rise to a major branch of Protestant Christianity that went on to flourish in the United States.American missionary Dr. C.S. Long founded Cobley Seminary in Higashiyamate district of the city of Nagasaki in 1881, urging his students, “Boys be Christian gentlemen.” The seminary became ChinzeiGakuin, an institution that continues to pursue its mission today, 125 years later.

PGDM + PGMM - Doing Business with Japan

Nagasaki Wesleyan University offers a range of long-term, short-term, and other overseas study programs to meet the full range of student needs. The PGDM + PGMM – Doing Business with Japan program, in association with Don Bosco School of Management situated in Bangalore, India is a 1+1 program offered for the first year in India and the second year at Nagasaki Wesleyan University, Japan. Don Bosco School of Management is known to impart quality Management Education in India and in association with it, Nagasaki Wesleyan University is happy to offer this first of its’ kind PGDM +PGMM programme in Japan.

The teaching methodology is a blend of theory and interactive sessions, industrial visits, projects and presentations. The students also have the opportunity to work for minimum 28hrs in a week for which they will be paid as per the norms and opportunity to earn, JPY 12-15 Lacs per annum in Japan during your study period.

Program Structure (PGDM + PGMM)

Course Post Graduate Masters in Management
Level of study Self- study
Semester 4
Duration 24 Months
Structure of the course 12 months in India + 12 months in Japan
The course would require students to compulsorily learn Japanese language and clear the required level of JLPT (n5) before moving to Japan for further completion of the programme.

The Course includes total of 08 subjects +Japanese Language+ Finishing school+ Internship in India + Internship and on the job training in Japan. First semester covers 4 core subjects which are common to all the specializations and the second semester in India covers 4 major modules in each specialization along with Japanese Language course and Finishing school, followed by an internship after completion of second semester i.e. during vacation period; while third and fourth semester comprises of 1 module with 2 subjects each, and final semester would have Internship followed by on the job training.

Entire course is structured for a total of 130 credit points. Each credit point is equal to 15 contact hours (i.e.4 credit = 60 hours).

Semesters Total Credit Points
Semester 1 32 Credits
Semester 2 32 Credits
Semester 3 16 Credits
Semester 4 34 Credits


SEMESTER – I (32 Credits)

Module 1- Global Principles of management (12 Credits)

  • Management Process & Contemporary management practices (4 Credits)
  • Organizational Behavior and Development (4 Credits)
  • Professional communication & Personal Growth (4 credits)

Module 2- Managerial Accounting & Economics (12 Credits)

  • Accounting for managers (4credits)
  • Global Economics & Business Statistics (4credits)
  • Business Ethics’ / Human Values (4 Credits)

Module 3 – Language Course (8 Credits)

  • Japanese Language and Finishing School (8 Credits)
SEMESTER – II (32 Credits)

Module 4- Global Management (12 Credits)

  • Entrepreneurship development (2 credits)
  • Total Quality Management (2 credits)+
  • 2 Subjects of Specialization (8 Credits)

Module 5- Financial and Operational Management (12 Credits)

  • Financial Management (2 credits)
  • Business Research Methodology (2 credits)+
  • 2 Subjects of Specialization (8 Credits)

Module 6 – Language Course (8 Credits)

  • Japanese Language and Finishing school (8 Credits)
SEMESTER – III (16 Credits)

Module 7: Doing Business with Japan (16 credits)

  • Japanese History & Political System (4 credits)
  • Money & Banking in Japan (4 Credits)+
  • Japanese Language and Finishing school (8 Credits)
SEMESTER – IV (34 Credits)

Module 8: Japanese Management System (16 credits)

  • Japanese Trade & Industries (4 Credits)
  • Japanese Quality Management Systems (4 Credits)+
  • Japanese Language and Finishing school (8 Credits)+
  • Project Dissertation (8credits)
  • On the job training (10 credits)
Japanese Language Certification:

Additionally, N4 & N3 level Japanese language course will be taught in semester 3 and semester 4.

Program Components

Foreign Language

Guaranteed part time Job opportunity in Japan along with certification program

Professional Management Certification from a Japanese University

PGDM+ 1 yr certification program from Japan

International experienced faculty

Study One year in India and One year at Japan

International Exposure

PGDM is designed to cover extensive Industry oriented curriculum instilling the necessary confidence in our students to face their career needs.

Salient Features

Responsive Layout

Students would be given an ipad at the beginning of the first year

Powerful Performance

Courses taught by faculties with International Exposure.

Powerful Performance

Industrial visits would be part of the study every semester (2 industries / semester )

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Two days of outbound training for all the students at the beginning of the first year (to inculcate team spirit and better understanding of each other)

Retina Graphics

Uniforms for each student consisting of 2 trousers, 2 shirts and a tie every year. ( one Blazer at the beginning of the first year)

Powerful Performance

The fee payable is inclusive of all the other statutory payments towards the university(Hostel fee separate)

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All students are eligible to get Educational Loan at NO-COST EMI. Students can pay fee on monthly basis.

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Free access to quality management e-books and journals.