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Master in Fashion Management– Rome Business School

A. Well, you must be wondering what is special about Don Bosco School of Management that makes it exceptional from other management schools.
So, here are the top 5 reasons –

  • DBSOM has more than 18 years of experience in management education.
  • DBSOM offers various unique courses which have global prospect such as Big Data and Business Analytics, Fashion Management, Financial Management etc.
  • Students learn different foreign languages as part of the curriculum.
  • Our students get opportunities to do their internship abroad.
  • Blended programmes
  • Being a member of the Planeta Formación y Universidades, Rome Business School is one of the best managerial training and research institutes in Europe.
  • RBS provides an excellent training offer to develop through the careful analysis of the best international experiences to guarantee you a competitive advantage in the market.
  • As per Eduniversal Global Ranking, RBS is ranked no 40 in Fashion Management worldwide.
  • Every faculty at RBS is highly qualified and carefully selected based upon their proven professionalism and experience. So, they can help the student to build a concrete career through a well-defined conceptual framework.
  • Rome Business School courses involve cutting edge teaching content, in line with the best international standards and constantly updated based on the latest cultural trends.
  • A wide range of flexible study methods is being offered to all the students to balance their learning commitments with their personal and professional engagements. Every programme is uniquely designed to meet everyone’s learning needs.
  • RBS has a specially designed Career Service cell which is designed to help our students to access the international job market (internship opportunities, a CV review, inclusion in our database, job interview management support, networking, with companies, managers and professionals).
  • Universities in Italy are offering world-class education since the twelfth century.
  • The reorganisation of the Italian education system originated the new concept of University institutions across the rest of Europe.
  • The fields of design, architecture, fashion, applied sciences and arts lie at the forefront of Italy's domain of higher education.
  • Italy has top-rated programmes, professors, and facilities that enable students to find professional success.


  • Master in Fashion Management is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful career in the global fashion market.
  • The programme offers a unique learning experience and global professional exposure, enabling participants to study in one of the best cities in the world.
  • The Master programme is geared to provide all the tools necessary to interpret, forecast and follow this sector’s phases and trends.
  • The course is specially designed for both; one who are already professionally employed in the fashion industry and want to acquire some new skills and second who want to specialize before making the first experience in this field.

A. DBSOM’s MBA in Fashion Management is a two-year course, wherein the first two semesters will be in India and the latter semesters in Rome, Italy. All of our educational programs are taught in English, making it convenient for you to understand.

This is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful career in the global fashion market.

A. The minimum eligibility criteria for admission is at least a 3 Year Bachelor's Degree with at least 50% marks or equivalent (45% for SC/ST or Persons with Disability (PWD) category, of any of the Universities (please check specifications) or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India.

A. Students will study the first year at DBSOM Bangalore, India campus and 2nd year in Rome Business School in Rome, Italy.


A. Click on the link (https://dbsom.in/app-form/) and fill in the form to apply for the course.

A. The last date of application for the upcoming batch is May 2020. (https://dbsom.in/mba-fashion-management.php)

A. There are two academic intake sessions in a year, i.e. the first one in April/May and the second one is October/ November.


  • Oldest and top-ranked universities
  • Its high multicultural ambience
  • One of the most affordable countries in Europe
  • A chance to explore numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Part-time work opportunity
  • Surrounded by emblematic features of the Italian culture

A. It is not necessary for you to know Italian to study in Italy although speaking the native tongue would be a major benefit. The medium of teaching is English in any renowned university.

A. It is not compulsory to learn the Italian language as the medium of instruction in most of the universities is English. But we, at DBSOM, provide Italian language training to our students – A1 and A2 levels for their proficiency.


A. According to expatistan.com, the cost of living in Rome is cheaper than in 63% of cities in Western Europe (45 out of 71). One will need between 850 and 1,450 euros a month including accommodation, food costs, public transportation, local travel and/or entertainment.

A. Yes, accommodation will be covered for 1 year in Italy including health insurance and bedding.

A. No, food will not be provided as the students will be into an internship and part-time jobs.


A. The total fee to be paid for this programme is INR 24 Lacs. Do check our website (https://dbsom.in/mba-fashion-management.php) for more information.

A. If you are not able to pay the fees by yourself, then you can take an education loan to finance your study. In that case, we have a dedicated loan department to assist you.

A. Yes, you can pay in installments. The decision may change as per the college policy.

A. Yes, you can do an internship or part-time job during your study tenure. As per the Italian laws, a student can work 4 hours a day and a maximum of 20 hours a week.

A. No, you can get a job in Italy irrespective of your years of experience and personal profile. An international student can work up to 20 hours a week and the pay would be around 500 – 1000 euros per week.

A. You can earn around INR 64,000 /- per month.


A. A blocked account is a special kind of bank account for international students in Italy, to prove they have enough financial resources to live in Rome, Italy for one year during their student visa application.

A. The annual requirement of the amount that must be paid into the blocked account when applying for a visa will become to 7,000 Euros.

Opening a blocked bank account is easy. One just needs to follow these steps below --

1. Bank as per the college recommendation
2. Apply for your blocked account
3. Fill in the pdf application form
4. Deposit funds
5. Get your blocking confirmation

The list of required documents to open a blocked account may vary depending on the bank you choose. However, you will need these following documents to open a blocked account:

  • An application form
  • Your valid passport
  • The admission letter from your university
  • A prepaid fee
  • Blocked amount confirmation letter from the issuing bank

DBSOM will help the student to complete the entire process.

A. The time it takes to open a blocked account depends on a few factors such as your nationality, the workflow of the Italian embassy in your country, your paperwork, etc. If everything goes well, your blocked account should be ready within a week from the day you submit your application.

A. Once you settle at the registered address in Italy, you can withdraw money from your blocked amount. However, you won’t have direct access to the amount of your blocked account in Italy. The only way you can withdraw your money is by opening an international student bank account in Italy where your blocked money will be transferred every month.

A. Our college takes care of the end-to-end process of a Student’s Visa application. However, if your visa application is rejected by the Italian embassy, you will get a partial refund. Contact personally the blocked account provider or the Italian consulate in your country and they will tell you what you need to submit in order to get your money back.


A. Yes, you need a Schengen visa.

  • There are two types of visas available in Italy that may be issued from the Italian consulate based upon the students’ study levels and degrees. The list is given in the following.
  • Type C: short term-stay for a maximum of 90 days within six-months after the first entry, referred to as a Schengen / Tourist visa. A Tourist visa or Schengen visa cannot be converted into a residence permit!
  • Type D: National visa or visa for research purposes. You are required to stay in Italy for longer than three months within the six months after your first entry. This is also called as Schengen D Visa. Any person in possession of this visa along with valid travel documents is permitted to move freely in the Schengen area (26 European states) for up to three months.

However, A Type D National visa can be converted into a residence permit after entry into Italy.

A. It is advisable to contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate General in your country of residence to find out what documents are required. Generally, you will have to submit the following:

  • Entry visa application form (available at a Visa centre providing such service or on the Italian Embassy website)
  • Valid passport
  • Cover letter
  • Bonafide certificate
  • Transcript – Graduation
  • Admission Letter from RBS
  • IELTS exemption letter
  • Semester – I Transcript
  • Photograph
  • Passport photocopy
  • PAN Card photocopy
  • AADHAR Card photocopy
  • Insurance
  • Ticket details
  • Blocked account

A. It is covered in the course fee (but only for the first attempt).

A. The Italian student visa application process can be a bit tedious for many international students. But the best part is Don Bosco School of Management entirely takes care of the students’ visa.

A. It takes 4 to 8 weeks for your Italian student visa application to be processed. The processing time varies depending on the country and the Italian embassy you apply at.


A. Rome Business School’s Career Services Department offers an exclusive and integrated set of services in order to support the students for professional growth and to provide them a chance to learn further management skills in the world’s leading business cities.

A. The institute is visited by many reputed companies for recruitments. The average and highest salaries offered by these companies to the students of DBSOM are around INR 34 Lakhs respectively.

A. Here is the list of job roles you can land upon the course completion – Entrepreneur or manager in companies specializing in production, distribution, or commercialization in the fashion context; Store Manager; Designer and Stylist with managerial and communication abilities; Brand Manager; Marketing/ Communication Director for a reputed fashion label; Press officer/ PR Director, Social Media Manager or Social Media Strategist for a reputed brand; Event Manager specializing in Fashion show/ event; Personal Shopper; Fashion Blogger; Freelance Consultant.


  • Post graduation diploma in Management – AICTE APPROVED
  • Plus 3 Domain Specific International Certifications
Students who have completed 10+2+3/4 with 50% score
The exams mentioned above are not mandatory to enrol in this program.
Students are not required to submit a language test such as TOEFL. Your interview is conducted in the English language hence the assessment will be done during the selection process and the results will be announced.
Work experience is not mandatory to pursue this course.
While we recognize the value of graduate academic work but we do not value academic work as professional work experience. However, as mentioned earlier work experience is not mandatory to apply for this program.
Aspirants need to go through the following process before his admission confirmation at DBSOM.
  • Written test
  • Group discussion
  • Presentation round
  • Personal interview
The main difference between MBA and PGDM is that MBA is a degree and is offered by universities and private business schools, whereas, PGDM is a post-graduate diploma offered by AICTE approved institutes or from those private schools who offer PGDM courses approved by AICTE.
The Master’s Program in Big Data and Business Analytics is a 2-year full-time program.
  • 1st year is in India, Bangalore at Don Bosco School of Management
  • The total fee to be paid for this program is INR~11,00,000/- Lacs
  • Yes, students are eligible to apply for a loan at no cost EMI
  • The fee is collected on a yearly basis
  • Students can also pay the fee on a monthly basis
Core courses of PGDM programs provide a holistic approach to management education, giving students both an overview of the field, and a basis to build, and specialize upon. These core courses are the strong foundation to establish management knowledge and provide broad multi-disciplined knowledge that can be further studied in depth during the elective phase. The core courses provide students with more than just practical knowledge, case-based lessons and collaborative learning models, train students to analyze, decide, and lead—rather than merely know— while creating a common student experience that fosters a deep and tenacious community.
Yes, we have the visits scheduled every semester (2 industries/semester)
  • https://dbsom.in/pgdm-aicte.php
  • Components
  • Salient features
  • About FOM university
  • Program course structure
  • 80-68-28-7625 :: 9513 464 464 :: Toll free: 1800-30-10-30-22
  • The beginning of the academic session is on 24th June 2019
  • Admission Process: https://dbsom.in/admission-process.php
Yes, Apple MacBook Air is provided to the students at the beginning of the year