Due to the current Covid-19 situation, DBSOM has resumed work partially. We will become fully operational as per the instructions & guidelines of the regulatory authorities. However, we can be reached at the following numbers in case of any query. 9148181505 , 9449307007.

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Despite DBSOM not being and attendance-taking institution, regular attendance and punctuality is essential for the successful completion of the course. To pass relevant coursework with a successful grade, students are recommended to maintain satisfactory attendance (80%). In each coursework, the student attendance is counted as participation for a course grade. Positive attendance accounting will be maintained by each instructor. An absence more than half of the class will be counted as an absence for the entire day. Serious illness, hospitalization and other such emergencies may be taken into account if notified and explained prior to class and/or proper documentation. Every student is expected to attend class in a timely manner. It is also expected that the student will make every effort not to let personal circumstances preclude class attendance. Doctor’s notes are needed in case of hospitalization or medical treatment. It is the students’ responsibility to contact the instructor concerning make-up of absences. Lower attendance may result in course failure and academic probation (official warning) and three (3) probations will result in the termination of the student's status from DBSOM

Tardy/early leave means arriving late or leaving the class early. Tardiness/early leave is defined as arriving late and leaving the class early - 30 minutes or more. Students must be in the class or lab throughout the day, unless assigned elsewhere by the instructor. Three (3) tardy/early leaves are counted as one (1) absence and is accounted to the attendance rate. The student’s attendance records as well as grade reports are submitted to the academic department and examined by the staff every 2 weeks.