Due to the current Covid-19 situation, DBSOM has resumed work partially. We will become fully operational as per the instructions & guidelines of the regulatory authorities. However, we can be reached at the following numbers in case of any query. 9148181505 , 9449307007.


Our students are exposed to quality education enriched with rich traditional aspects for which DBSoM is known for.

Though we teach the modern management theories and best industry practices, we also ensure to imbibe our Indian culture, tradition, ethics ,moral values and disciplined in their nature.

Students wiil be participating and enjoy all the festivals that are part of the Indian tradition. Some of our International students will be bringing their culture to DBSoM and involve our local students in celebrating their customs and traditions.

Students compete themselves in management related fests both in-campus as well as inter college fests which brings in a lots of learning experience.

Our students get to know the art of managing the finance, marketing and other economics of an event by hosting their own management festival every year.